Time to get back my creativity

Over the past few years I got bogged down with the day to day of life, all the while losing more and more of my creativity. The past few months have made me realize how much of myself I’ve lost. I’m home from work this week recovering from a surgery and have done a lot of thinking. I’ve decided to get my creative side back. Starting out slow and realizing exactly how much I need to refresh my skills. So back to the drawing board it is for me, back to the beginning. I will be back to writing posts and sharing my progress as I go, along with any other posts I deem Magick & Madness worthy.

My first day playing around in Gimp today I decided to make a “portrait” for my office. We are an insurance agency, and each of us has an emoji we use to represent us. My office is the Animal House, and we all have animal emojis and our VP is the tornado. This is what I came up with earlier today.


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